Our mission is to promote excellence in healthcare in the Armenian communities we serve and support the professional development of our members. Through collaboration with colleagues both in the United States and abroad we also work to improve delivery of healthcare, medical education, and research in Armenia. 


  • Establish a premier association of Armenian-American health care professionals in New England that promotes excellence in health care in the communities we serve.
  • Develop an environment that promotes strong professional collaborations and social interactions among members.
  • Encourage members to assist other health care professionals of Armenian descent in New England to achieve their professional aspirations  and career goals, including young physicians starting new in practice.
  • Assist young Armenian-Americans with their medical education by offering scholarship funds.
  • Collaborate with fellow colleagues in Armenia to improve health care, through medical education, research and  other support.
  • Assist the Armenian-American lay community by offering guidance on health issues and medical education.